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Cover only

  • Dimensions (in mm) and weight (in g)

    Packaging ULDepart. France: 50 pieces 395x285x230 mm->6.150 kg 2000 pieces 1200x800x1300 mm->260.000 kg
    Length for one piece in mm100
    Width for one piece in mm20
    Height for one piece in mm180
    Volume for one piece in cm3360
    Weight for one piece in g (with packaging)120


  • Marketing

    TitleAntishocks cover 1.2m - iPhone 5 / SE
    HighlightsResistant materials - Crystal-clear transparency - Thin and lightweight
    Item colorTransparent
  • Characteristics

    Protection materialsTPU - Thermoplastic Polyurethane
    DesignDesigned with extra reinforced corners. Made with high quality TPU (shock absorbant material) to protect the phone from drops, up to 1.2m
    Impact protection technologyCertified to stand to military US 1.2 meter drop.Shock absorbant material and extra reinforced corners. Made by BAYER
    Packaging materialMetal
    Box contentCover only
    Protection typeCover
    Protection frameworkFlexible / soft
    Country of originChina
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