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  • Dimensions (in mm) and weight (in g)

    Packaging ULDepart. Asia: 40 pieces 350x320x360 mm->7.250 kg 1600 pieces 800x1200x1800 mm->310.000 kg
    Length for one piece in mm60
    Width for one piece in mm163
    Height for one piece in mm60
    Volume for one piece in cm3586
    Weight for one piece in g (with packaging)170


  • Marketing

    TitleInternational travel adapter
    HighlightsPlugs : EU - US - AU - UK
    Item colorBlack
  • Characteristics

    Charger typeWall
    Output power in W15
    Output intensity in A3
    Plug typeMulti
    Charger country conformityEU UK US AUS
    Packaging materialCardboard
    Weight in g (without packaging)129
    Weight paper packaging in g43
    Weight metal packaging in g-1
    Country of originChina
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