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Box content

1 Double charger plate 1 power supply

  • Dimensions (in mm) and weight (in g)

    Packaging ULDepart. France: 3 pieces 330x205x235mm->2.750kg 210 pieces 1200x800x1175mm->192.500kg
    Length for one piece in mm325
    Width for one piece in mm65
    Height for one piece in mm220
    Volume for one piece in cm34647.0000
    Weight for one piece in g (with packaging)810


  • Marketing

    TitleWireless charger - 1A - US plug
    HighlightsEnergizer Inductive Charger is one step ahead in leading the way toward true universal charging. This inductive charger is Qi-enabled which allows it to charge Qi-enabled devices... - Cordless charging solution - Certified Qi - Dual charging zones to charge 2 devices simultaneously - Additional USB port to charge a third mobile device
    Item colorBlack
  • Characteristics

    Charger typeWall
    Output power in W10
    Output intensity in A2.0000
    Charger country conformityFCC
    Plug typeUS
    Country of originChina
    Packaging materialCardboard
    Box content1 Double charger plate 1 power supply
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