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Charger Lightning Cable

  • Dimensions (in mm) and weight (in g)

    Packaging ULDepart. France:6 pieces 240x155x125 mm->0,620 kg48 pieces 349x254x214 mm->5,500 kg1050 pieces 1200x800x1040 mm->141,000 kg1920 pieces 1200x800x1230 mm->246,000 kg
    Length for one piece in mm62
    Width for one piece in mm27
    Height for one piece in mm163
    Volume for one piece in cm3273
    Weight for one piece in g (with packaging)100


  • Marketing

    TitleCar charger Lifetime warranty - 3.4A - 2USB - Lightning cable included
    HighlightsThe Energizer® Lifetime Warranty car chargers are a subtle mix of performance and resistance. Available in various power options, they will never fail to recharge your devices on the go thanks to highly resistant materials and superior engineering. - Lifetime Warranty - Tough materials - Modern 3D cube effect design - Fast charge and sync - Smart IC: intelligent dispatch of the output between 2 USB ports - 3 types of connectors
    Item colorWhite
  • Characteristics

    Charger typeCar
    Output power in W17
    Output intensity in A3.4
    Plug typeCar
    Charger country conformityCE , EAC
    Box contentCharger Lightning Cable
    Packaging materialMetal
    Weight in g (without packaging)15
    Weight paper packaging in g7
    Weight plastic packaging in g1
    Weight metal packaging in g65
    Country of originChina
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