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  • Dimensions (in mm) and weight (in g)

    Packaging ULDepart. France: 50 pieces 720x380x230mm->5.150kg 600 pieces 1200x800x1070mm->87.000kg
    Length for one piece in mm64
    Width for one piece in mm64
    Height for one piece in mm220
    Volume for one piece in cm3901.0000
    Weight for one piece in g100


  • Marketing

    TitleAlu water bottle - Energizer logo
    HighlightsPerfect size: the capacity is large enough tfor your daily hydration needs. 0.5l. No leaks: The travel water bottle comes with a waterproof cap. Robust and durable quality. Delivered with a snap hook.
    Item colorOrange
  • Characteristics

    Country of originChina
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