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  • Dimensions (in mm) and weight (in g)

    Packaging ULDepart. France:20 pieces 320x200x260 mm->7,700 kg1000 pieces 1200x800x1460 mm->396,000 kg
    Length for one piece in mm180
    Width for one piece in mm60
    Height for one piece in mm60
    Volume for one piece in cm3648
    Weight for one piece in g (with packaging)350


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  • Characteristics

    Packaging materialCardboard
    Weight in g (without packaging)316
    Weight paper packaging in g49
    Country of originChina
    WaterproofnessIP 44
    USB connectorMicro USB connector
    Battery typePolymer lithium
    Battery weight in g95
    Battery autonomyUp to 3 hours
    Nb units per lot1000
    Nb units per lot100
    LED power20
    FunctionHigh | Low | Strobe lightning | SOS | Infra rouge | COB side light
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