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Panneau Solaire

  • Dimensions (in mm) and weight (in g)

    Packaging ULDepart. France:4 pieces 690x670x290 mm->18,000 kg32 pieces 1200x800x1460 mm->152,800 kg
    Length for one piece in mm580
    Width for one piece in mm380
    Height for one piece in mm70
    Volume for one piece in cm315428
    Weight for one piece in g (with packaging)4100


  • Marketing

    TitleWONDER FULL ENERGY - 120W Portable Solar Panel for Portable Power Station - 2 folders
    HighlightsPortable & easy to charge. Versatile 120W DC & Type-C outputs. Durable and worry-free support : IP65. High-Efficiency Solar Cells.
    Item colorBlack
  • Characteristics

    Box contentPanneau Solaire
    Packaging materialCardboard
    Weight paper packaging in g1300
    Country of originChina
    Cable typeDC5521
    Output power in W120
    Waterproofness IP 65
    Weight in g (without packaging)2800
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